PPB FEATURED PROJECT: United 2026 Fifa World Cup

In 2018 I shot the United 2026 pitch film that brought the World Cup to North America. One of the highlights of that journey was to spend the day with Leonardo Cuellar. He represented his country in over 80 matches, including the 1978 World Cup in Argentina.  Our focus on the film was travel and culture.  The shoot took us from New York City, Toronto, Dallas to Mexico City. We followed the football culture. Focusing on fans, the cities and the love of the sport.  The pitch was successful and North America is preparing for 2026.

So, what’s the story with Pugs and Peanut Butter?

Stories are the whole point behind Pugs and Peanut Butter (PPB) Productions. We call them branded narratives. And they offer you a fresh, compelling way to speak to your customers and grow your business.

As an award-winning, full-service visual production company, PPB specializes in docu-style, handcrafted films that feel real, honest and true. Using small teams that are quick, nimble and efficient, we deliver big results for any size project – large or small. In fact, we can take care of everything you need, from creative development to production to distribution. And with a background in photography and design, we’ve got you covered there too.

That’s our story. Now why not let us help you tell yours? After all, brands and stories just naturally go together. Sorta like pugs and peanut butter.

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Whether you come to us with a full concept or need help developing a way to tell your story, our team is ready to partner with you to to bring out the best version of  your vision.  We take great pride in all of the projects we work on and have a vast network of creative people to collaborate with.  Once we are ready to go, we will focus on your project and make it a great success.


We have built a dedicated team of writers, directors, producers and cinematographers who know how to approach any scale or genre of project.  Whatever you need to make your project succeed – concept development, casting, location scouting, storyboards, camera and lighting crews and full production management.  We are here to partner with you to bring your vision and statement to life.


Our post production team is dedicate to giving you a polished product that you will be proud to share.  They are an integral part of the creative process and bring a passion to every project.  We offer a full roster of post-production services including editing, visual effects, color correction, motion graphics, visual effects and sound design.



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